Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Something to Crow about

There are two crows I often come across on my morning walk, and I think it would be safe to say they’re the same pair every time. Parked in front of the glass double doors to the golf club, well not exactly parked, for they are always screeching and squawking, hopping up and down in a mad frenzy battering at the doors with their beaks. Not sure if they’re really that keen on getting in, think it’s more to do with standing their ground against the two crows on the inside and staking out their territory.

They’re obviously not too bright, seeing as all they’re doing is getting uptight with their own reflections, and they remind me of the two crows from the movie Charlotte’s Web. Perched up on the telegraph pole, looking out over the vast field of corn, they grumble and groan about their hunger, egg each other on, attempt to rustle up some bravado, and plan strategies for the attack that will reap them the reward they so desire.

But one thing stands in their way. The scarecrow.

There he stands, every day, a barrier to their prize. Their forays into the field are quickly aborted each time the scarecrow does his job, but it is only when they eventually face the scarecrow and discover their fears were unfounded do they get the opportunity to finally take their fill.

While Christmas shopping I found this note book, and the timing couldn’t have been better, so bought it for myself. With my writing seemingly going nowhere it was a reminder that although the scarecrow is there, every day, wanting to foil my attempts however feeble, I can stare him in the face if I want and take away the intimidation he wields.

So, if I find something to crow about this year, it’ll begin here, in this note book.