Sunday, 23 October 2016

Springtime in Tasmania

Springtime in Tasmania
oh what a lovely sight
as long as you have thermals
and can rug up nice and tight

The daffodils are blooming
but their yellow trumpet heads
have been blown around
this way and that
and now they’re looking dead

My toes are froze
as well as my nose
there’s rain and wind and sleet
Where’s my jacket 
beanie, scarf and gloves
and ugg boots for my feet.

For without them
I am well exposed
when I head outside to roam
What happened to the sunshine?
It’s time to go back home.

This weather, it’s unseasonal
and well, downright unreasonable
Spring may have sprung
but it’s not yet begun
is summer looking feasible?

The snow upon the mountain
is something to admire
but I think I’d rather stay inside
and curl up by the fire.

They say that global warming
is heating the hemispheres
but something tells me they forgot
to include us way down here.