Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Close Call

Think I’m going to write February off this year’s calendar. After a horror of a month with a major flare up of a long standing back injury, some weird virus which made me feel like crap for weeks and sent my liver into a state of panic making my doctor send me for blood test after blood test, my body then decided to top it all off with a 3 day migraine.

Ah, but there’s more, a little episode this morning which could have seen me off with the angels. Innocently eating my vegemite toast while on the computer, turned to pick up my mug of tea on the desk by the window, when what should be trekking around the rim of the mug but a jack jumper ant.

“You’ve gotta be kidding.” I even said it out loud. Being not only allergic to the nasty little beasties but hypersensitive to spotting them at 50 paces in any direction of my vicinity, figured the lemon herbal tea smell must’ve wafted out the open window and enticed him in.

At the very least I would’ve been stung on the hand, but if I hadn’t looked and just drank it I could‘ve been stung either on or inside my mouth, the prospect of which I don’t really want to contemplate. Anaphylaxis can hit pretty fast, and seeing as I’m only four months into the five year desensitisation process, I gratefully offered up a prayer of thanks for avoiding what might have been a definitely dramatic end to the month.

Roll on March, looking forward to starting a new month with a clean slate.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Glimmer of Hope

Yay, progress at last, albeit very minor. Managed to graduate to getting out of bed by deftly lowering the legs over the side and powering up the abdominals to get me in an upright position, rather than slithering out backwards on my stomach and walking on my knees to the nearest vantage point to pull myself up. No mean feat as I don’t actually have much upper body strength to even lift myself into a sitting position, will have to consider weight lifting or something.

Now that I’m able to dress myself once more, have the whole showering and dressing process down from an hour and a half to an hour, quite an achievement I thought even if I still can’t dry the bottom half of me. Who knows, maybe by the end of another week or so I’ll actually be able to shave my hairy legs and cut my toenails.

So, equipped with this new measure of hope, the very first attempts at physio were gingerly conducted on the lounge room floor. Not exactly easy, but baby steps are better than no steps at all.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Woeful Week

Day 13, back still not much improved, and to add insult to injury a great chunk of tooth or filling leaving a huge crater decided to get dislodged while cleaning my teeth yesterday. Obviously not categorised as an emergency, have an appointment in 2 weeks time.

And quite apart from my woes, daughter in law Mel had to call Glen urgently at work on Thursday as their downstairs toilet was overflowing all over their brand new carpet. Appears the septic tank decided to back up so on his way home to help with the drama someone ran into the back of him when he stopped at a red light. More hold up, more yuck on the carpet. After calling in the insurance company, digging round in the yard for hours to find the septic lid to get access to have it pumped out, cleaning the carpet themselves to get rid of most of the offending smell, you’d think that was enough for the week.

Septic tank pumped out Friday, and while Glen was heading back to work was held up for ages because of a house fire on the edge of town, making him very late for work.

Not to be outdone, their son Zandar who’s just over two and a half, launched himself off the furniture last night and gashed his head. After spending several hours with me at the hospital last Monday and ferrying me home, Glen was off to the hospital yet again for a few more hours with the little bloke who ended up with three stitches and fortunately doesn’t seem to be too much worse for wear. I think everyone else was more upset than he was. When Mum and Dad talked to him about it today and suggested jumping around on the furniture wasn’t such a good idea his only response was “No, it was fun.” Too much testosterone for one little boy. Think they’re in for a future of footy, skateboard and other assorted injuries.

And if that wasn’t enough, today was Mel’s turn. After a nasty chest infection and coughing up indescribable gunge for two weeks, and antibiotics having no effect, she then headed to the hospital for a chest x-ray as the doc thought she could be on the verge of pneumonia. Fortunately she wasn’t, but with a well entrenched infection and torn muscles in her chest from coughing so much she was loaded up with a concoction of drugs, steroids and puffer to open up her airways, so we’re trusting there’ll now be a quick improvement.

Wasn’t game to ring Kris and Biz to see if there were any mishaps in their neck of the woods. Enough for one week.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Getting out of work the hard way

It was raining last Monday (Jan 30), not a particularly common occurrence around here, despite Tassie’s reputation of being wet and cold most of the time, so thought I’d get the brolly out of the car. Bad decision. By the time I got to work my back was playing up so bad had to head home by lunchtime, and that’s where I’ve been ever since.

Had all the necessary medication which usually gets me through the worst of the first few days of my long standing back injury, but on this occasion was barely touching the edges. Did the right thing and did the soft shoe shuffle round the block couple of times a day to keep as mobile as possible otherwise everything seizes up completely.

Flat on my back the rest of the time, so the only method of getting into an upright position again was to drag myself commando style as if some unknown enemy was on the lookout for me from the lounge room to the loo. Thankfully I have bars fitted which after a bit of interesting maneuvering I could grab on to and lift myself up before the bladder burst.

This usually lasts for 3 or 4 days before I can start functioning again, but by Day 8 of excruciating pain and no improvement, and having to get friends in to help me get dressed, the white flag of surrender finally came out. Called an ambulance and some lovely ambos ferried me to Lonnie hospital where I ended up in a drug induced stupor which sent me to la-la land where pain doesn’t exist. Bliss for a while.

Equipped with stronger pain killers and muscle relaxants they sent me packing, but I think now at Day 10 I’m finally starting to turn the corner. Doesn’t actually address the underlying problem which sparked off this latest episode but hopefully I can now begin some basic physio to get back on track.

Have discovered a few things in the past few days. Family and friends are wonderful when you’re at your worst. Daytime television is definitely the pits, have grazed my elbows from dragging myself along the floor so much, kitchen tongs have become my greatest ally, picking up everything from my mobile to the TV and DVD remote, blanket, heat pack, TV guide, you name it, they were indispensable. Anything I’ve dropped on the floor has stayed there, shame I don’t have a dog to come and clean up after me. Haven’t been able to read, a real downer, as I read constantly, but with so many foreign chemicals coursing through my body my brain has been addled, my speech slurred and my eyes a bit unfocussed. Then there’s the issue of constipation having so many pain killers does to you, but we won’t go there. Did suggest an enema while I was in the hospital, but for some strange reason they didn’t take me seriously.

One thing I should’ve done is post this entry in its original state, as the spellchecker was going crazy with my fingers constantly hitting the wrong keys.

So, here’s to good health and maybe a return to work by next Monday. The least I could’ve had for two weeks off work was a bit of fun, maybe that’ll have to wait until I retire!