Sunday, December 25, 2016

Just One Day?

There will always be something that grabs me at Christmas, chases away the bah humbug, brings a lump to the throat, a tear to the eye. Usually nothing monumental. A warm greeting, a hug, a smile, an unexpected gesture. When all is said and done, once the gifts are opened and the enormity of the ongoing repast sends us into a food coma, what we really take away from Christmas Day that stays with us, are those precious moments of connection.

Sadly, not all have the privilege of such an experience, and those of us that do, often wonder why so much is crammed into one day, and why it has a habit of dissipating throughout the year. We can find ourselves spending the day with a strange assortment of family and friends, friends of friends, distant aunts and uncles who you vow can’t possibly be related to you, then there are those whose families live far away, or those who have no family at all. Connection is important.

Have been writing A Haiku a Day for just over a month, poems structured in the 5-7-5 syllabic form, little reflections on each day. There have been a few seasonal ones leading up to Christmas, moments captured in 3 lines, but today called for something more, so each verse is a haiku in itself.


Early wake up call
shouting, bouncing in the street
someone got a ball

Toast and vegemite
then banana, strawberry,
nectarine smoothie

Gather together
Jesus birth celebrated
smiles, hugs and laughter

 Yea Lord, we greet thee
born on this happy morning
everlasting gift

 Eyes filled with wonder
stars, kings, shepherds, gifts given
kids have show and tell

Bob the Builder tools
mermaid books, pretty dresses
braided hair in bows

Car Transformers, kites
magic tricks and Lego kits
great new toys for play

Little girl circle
entranced, inventing stories
secret fairy land

Thirty two degrees
feasting, drinking jollity
brings me to my knees.

Food coma sets in
while away the afternoon
dozing on the couch

Sun finally sets
breathe a sigh of relief but
keep the love alive.